Check Out Our Transparent Trade Appraisal Process

Discovering what your trade is worth is the first step if you are thinking about trading in your vehicle and upgrading to a Nicer, Newer® one. When it comes to trading in your old car, getting the best value is crucial that’s why we created our Transparent Trade Appraisal Process.

Simply fill out the quick form and we’ll tell you how much your current vehicle is worth with NO COST and no obligation.

How Much Is My Vehicle Worth?

You Have The Right To The Most Money For Your Trade

Getting the most for your old car is important. It can impact the deal significantly and that’s why most dealers are very sneaky and cheap when it comes to appraising and valuing your trade. I don’t like that, so I created my “Transparent Trade Appraisal Process.”

You’ll be involved in your trade appraisal and we’ll be completely open about the process. Together we’ll come up with what’s fair and make sure you get what your car is really worth.

Our Values


Respect: We treat everyone we encounter with respect regardless of their circumstances.


Fun: We put the fun back in car buying - we're friendly, outgoing and passionate in every interaction.


Trustworthy: We are open, honest, and clear when communicating and committed to helping customers as trusted advisors.


Persistent: We keep pushing for a solution or option even when others would give up and even if that means thinking outside the box to get the job done.