Heart Heathy Habits For National Heart Month

February might be best known for Valentine’s Day, but it’s important to note this month is also National Heart Health Month. Love is in the air and most importantly love is in our hearts. So I’ve put together some quick tips for you to show more love to your heart this month.

Eat Healthy – A healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables will not only help your heart, but also give you more energy throughout the day. Lean proteins like chicken and fish paired with whole grain foods like rice and oats are also great for heart health.

Exercise – Sometimes it’s tough to find time in our busy schedules to exercise. But studies show dedicating just thirty minutes a day to getting your heart rate up is great for your health and can improve your resting heart rate.

Stress Less – Asking someone not to stress nowadays is like asking a bird not fly. But if you can find ways to reduce stress, your heart will thank you. Try calming activities like yoga, exercising, meditation, or hiking.

Drink Water – Staying hydrated helps more than just your heart. Being hydrated improves your overall blood circulation and helps you recover from illnesses quicker.

Quit Smoking – This one goes without saying, but smoking puts a lot of strain on your heart. In fact, your heart beats irregularly for about 20 minutes after smoking a cigarette. You should also try reducing your exposure to second-hand smoke.

Get A Check-Up – Scheduling and attending yearly check-ins with your doctor is a great way to help ensure continuing heart health. And if you’ve done everything else on this list throughout the year, your yearly doctor’s visit will be a breeze.

You might’ve caught on already, but all of these tips help more than just your heart. Adapting your daily routine to include these habits could improve your overall health. I’m looking out for you. Have a happy and heart healthy February.