April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers

Let’s talk about those April showers that brought us May flowers. Did you know the
springtime rain brought in more than just beautiful flowers? Here’s a list of some things you
may not have known the rain also brought with it.

Mushrooms—Wild mushroom hunting can be a fun sport for home chefs and foragers
alike. Studies show a good mushroom season usually follows a super rainy April.
Mushrooms thrive in moist environments, so the rain creates the perfect growing
environment for them.

Sweeter Honey—The great circle of life is crazy! April showers bring lots of May flowers,
which means more pollen options for bees to make honey with. Also, eating locally sourced
honey can help reduce seasonal allergies!

More Mosquitoes—More rain in April is great for mushrooms and honey, but not so much
for those of us who hate mosquitos. Mosquitoes come out of hibernation in early spring and
like to lay their eggs in damp places—so more rain equals more mosquitos throughout the

Slippery Roads—This probably goes without saying but the roads are more dangerous
when they’re wet. Keep yourself and your family safe by checking your tires regularly and
driving with caution during and after rainstorms.

Wow, after learning all that, I’ll never look at April showers the same again. I love all these
May flowers, but I must admit the mushrooms and the honey is a pretty sweet deal too.
Whether it’s raining or not, remember to stay safe on the roads out there!